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Bean Club
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The Official Bean List

Officially recognised beans


Name: Simon Morley
Age: 16
Reason for being a bean: His super slick hair, his continuous obsession with correcting spellings and using perfect grammar on MSN. Thats just to name a few.....


Name: Kyle Gerrard
Age: 16
Reason for being a bean: His worrying obsession with that oh so manly band Manowar. Also, he just happens to be the most average and plain looking guy on earth. Still, he does the word bean proud.


Name: Matt Watts
Age: 16
Reason for being a bean: His tardish looks, scruffy hair and imaginary friends. This bean was nominated by Kyle Gerrard, a bean himself, which makes this all quite interesting. Oh well, you're a bean Matt and you know it.

WARNING: No one is an official bean until they appear on this page. Do not accept imitations!